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ई-मेल प्रिंट

WITH the publication of this volume the BHARATIYA VIDYA  BHAVAN embarks upon one more activity, namely , that of starting the Bharatiya Vidya Series.  I have been asked by the General Editors to write a Foreword to the series in general and to the present volume in particular : I gladly do so for I believe the launching of this Series by the BHAAVAN, along with its two Journals [both entitled Bharatiya Vidya], is a right step towards the realization of its objects.

Whilst introducing our English Journal, Bharatiya Vidya , it was remarked :
“A patient and reverent study of, and creative research into, the Bharatiya Vidya, an objective evolution and a restatement of its fundamental principles and ideals with special reference to the present-day problems, dissemination of its intrinsic truths and teachings with a view to increasing among our people the awareness of its spiritual values : this is the great task which modern India has before her, and which must be fulfilled through her institutions like the BHARATIYA VIDYA BHAVAN." As a humble contribution towards the achievement of this object the BHAVAN places this Series before the public.

There are no doubt several well-known Oriental series and journals faithfully serving the cause of the Bharatiya Vidya at the moment. But even all of them are not able to cover the ever – widening field of Indological studies and research. Much as has been done and is being done in advancing investigation into cultural heritage of our land, more remains still to be accomplished.  I hope therefore that such an undertaking as the Bharatiya Vidya Series has its value and importance, and trust it will evoke the same warm welcome and appreciation among the learned as our two Journals have already done.

That an up-to-date edition of so celebrated a Buddhist philosophical work as the Visuddhimagga forms an inaugural volume of the Bharatiya Vidya Series is, I suppose, a singularly happy circumstance. The eminent Pali savant, Mrs. C.A.F. RHYS DAVIDS, published in 1920 in the P.T.S. Series the first Roman-lettered edition of the Visuddhimagga – “of a work bearing yet unwithered the laurels of fourteen centuries of renown”.  She wrote in a Foreword [p. viii] to that edition : “This first edition is to serve merely as a working makeshift, till some wealthier institution secures its worthier scholar and produces a text for all time “ The BHARATIYA VIDYA BHAVAN may not be a wealthier institution but it has secured in Professor Dharmananda KOSAMBI, I am sure, a very worthy scholar who has laboured on this work for more than thirty years last and been several times to America in his efforts to produce a most reliable text of the Visuddhimagga.

To maintain this Series at a high level of excellence and usefulness will require not only all the diligence and devotion its Editorial Board can bring to bear upon it, but also the co-operation of Orientalists all the world over. In the hope that this new undertaking of the BHAVAN may succeed in its mission, I wish the Series god-speed.

K. M. Munshi

यशवंतराव चव्हाण प्रतिष्ठान निर्मित महत्वपूर्ण संकेतस्थळे..